Das silberne Pferd | Pergamon Museum. 2010

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

The archaeological exhibition “The Silver Horse” shows discoveries from the horse-riding nomadic folk of the Caucasus region and the Black Sea. The finds made their way to Europe in the hands of German and Polish archeologists and collectors around the year 1900.
The visitor is guided through the exhibition by an imaginary omniscient protagonist. The guest is invited to enter an oversized version of the protagonist‘s journal, which visually documents his trip amongst the Nomads in the Caucasus. The audience experiences the world of the Nomads and the site of the archaeological finds from a first-hand perspective.
We created the concept and designed, produced, and built up the whole archaeological exhibition DAS SILBERNE PFERD at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. 98,000 visitors came to see it!
Pergamon Museum, Berlin
Client: Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Berlin
My task: Exhibition concept
In cooperation with: Kyra Porada, Laura Weidenfeller