Auen – Die wilden Seiten des Aargaus. Wanderausstellung 2015

This exhibition was a touring follow-up project of the Auen exhibition, which was created and produced by SolitaireDesign in 2014 (find out more here).

To ensure easy transportation and handling, we decided to transform a container into the new plug-and-play exhibition space, which only had to be connected to a power source after being relocated to a new location.

The container is still moving to fairs and events in the Aargau area in Switzerland and beyond.

The challenge was not only to reduce it to 10% of the former exhibition space, but also to develop a sturdy structure that could withstand transportation, rough climatic conditions at outdoor locations and a life cycle of more than two years.


Aargau, Switzerland | 2015-2017
Client: Kanton Aargau

My task:  Concept | Design | Production | Project management
In cooperation with: SolitaireDesign